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Real Estate License Law & Rules and Regulations


Title 43 Chapter 40

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Title 10 Chapter 6A Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act
Title 16 Chapter 13 Section 110 Definitions.
Title 16 Chapter 13 Section 111 Notification of conviction of licensed individual to licensing authority; reinstatement of license; imposition of more stringent sanctions.
Title 16 Chapter 13 Section 112 Applicability of administrative procedures.
Title 16 Chapter 13 Section 113 Article as supplement to power of licensing authority.
Title 16 Chapter 13 Section 114 Period of applicability of article.
Title 43 Chapter 6 Section 9
License requirement for auctioneers and apprentice auctioneers; restrictions as to sales of real property.
Title 44 Chapter 1 Section 16 Failure to disclose in real estate transaction that property was occupied by diseased person or was site of homicide.
Title 48 Chapter 13 Section 17 (Effective January 1, 1995) Levy of license, occupation, or professional tax by counties and municipalities upon real estate brokers.



Chapter 520-1 * Licensure and Brokerage
Chapter 520-2 * Standards for Real Estate Courses
Chapter 520-4 * Procedural Rules
Chapter 520-5 * Standards for Contracts for Education or Research



Comparison Guide to the Reorganized Rules Chapter 520-1