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Online Course Completion Program Instructions

We recommend that you print these instructions prior to attempting to access the program. You can open an Adobe PDF version by clicking here.

The Online Course Completion Program has been developed to streamline the reporting process between schools and the Commission and Board. The Program allows students quick access to educational course(s) that they have completed and eliminates the requirement for submitting completion certificates.

The school should not give the student Commission or Board approved completion certificates for any course entered by the school into the Online Course Completion Program.

Initial Setup

Step 1 - Create School Password

Upon first access to the Program, the School Director must first create a school password that will be used by all users created by the director. To accomplish this, select the type of school, Real Estate or Appraisal, at the top of the screen and then enter the school code that was assigned upon approval in the top box. You should omit any letters or zeros that appear prior to the school code (i.e. 0631 should be entered as 631). Leave the password box empty and click on "continue".

The School Director must then enter his/her name exactly as it appears in the Commission or Board data records, social security number and date of birth. If this data is missing from the the school's records, an error message will appear and the Director must contact the Commission or Board to have the records updated. If the data is in the school's records the Director will be allowed to create the school password.

Step 2 - Create Users

The menu available to the School Director includes options for:

The Director may create as many users with unique passwords as he/she wishes by clicking on the Enter Additional Users option. A username must be assigned by the Director and upon first access, the user will create a password by entering the school code and school password and then entering their assigned username and leaving the password field blank. The Program will then ask the user for their user password that will provide access. The ability to assign each user a unique username provides a means for the Director to know who entered what information. The Director will be held responsible for any information submitted to the Commission or Board.

Entering Course Completions

Step 3 - Selecting Courses

Upon logging into the program users select "Enter Course Completions" from the School Menu. The user can either select the course name from the drop-down menu or enter the course code number. Once the correct course or number is selected/entered, click the "search" button to retrieve the specific course information from the database. Once the correct course is selected, the user should click on the "Enter Completions" button next to the course.

The Enter Completions menu provides the user the option of entering courses by licensed or unlicensed students and allows the user to produce a list of students who have completed the course.

NOTE: A student who is licensed or classified but does not know his/her classification number must not be entered as an unlicensed student. It is imperative that the school obtain the students correct license or classification number to receive course completion credit. The school should advise each student that it is the student's responsibility to provide the school with his/her correct license or classification number and failure to do so will result in the student not receiving credit for the course.

The "Unlicensed Student" button is to be used for those students who have never held a license or classification with the Commission or Board. A student with a lapsed license must still provide the school with the previously issued license number. Students may look up their license number by clicking on either Find an Appraiser or Find a Real Estate Licensee or by calling the Commission or Board at (404)656-3916.

Licensed Students

The school may enter all students that have completed the course with the same completion date at the same time no matter the students' enrollment date. To enter course completions for licensed students:

  1. Select the course completion Month, Day and Year from the Completion Date drop-down boxes.
  2. Select the License Type (Real Estate or Appraiser) and enter the student's license number omitting any letters or leading zero's. If the course is designated as a "POST" course, enter the student's enrollment date using the MMDDYYYY format. An enrollment date is not required for courses designated as "CE".
  3. Once all students are entered, click the continue button. The Program will then search the database for the students entered and report an error if the licensed number entered is not located in the database. The user should ensure that the license number provided by the student has been entered correctly.
  4. The search program will also compare the course completion date of a course designated as "POST" with the postlicense due date for the student being entered. If the course completion date is AFTER the due date, a message will display advising the school that the student's database record will not be updated with the course completion. The school should give the student a postlicense course completion certificate that the student may submit to the Commission for reinstatement of the student's lapsed license.
  5. At the end of the search, the program will also display a listing of each student's license number, name and enrollment date. The user should then verify that the listing of students is correct. If incorrect, hit the cancel button for the particular license number and re-enter the information. If correct, then print the page using the browser's print button or save the file to your computer for your records.
  6. Then hit the save button to enter the course into each student's database record. Failure to hit the SAVE button will result in the course not being entered into the database.

Unlicensed Students

Unlicensed students must be entered manually, or by a file upload process pre-arranged with GREC. Contact the education advisor for details.  To enter course completions for unlicensed students:

  1. Enter the completion date and enrollment date from the drop-down boxes.
  2. Enter the student's first and last name, social security number, gender and date of birth. If an email address is entered then the student will receive an email once the completion record is transferred.
  3. Click the Continue button and the program will search the database for a match. If a student has previously taken a prelicense or appraisal classification course at an approved school but not yet acquired a real estate license or appraiser’s classification the database will have a shell record for the student. If found, the education will be entered into the existing shell record. If no record is found, then the student’s residence and mailing address must be entered. If the addresses are the same, checking the box under the mailing address will copy the residence address to the mailing address. Then click save and continue.
  4. The Program will display the student information and the user should verify the information as displayed.
  5. The user should either print the page or save the file to the computer. The school may be asked to produce this copy during a routine school audit as a record of course completions for the course.
  6. The user should then hit the save button to create and/or enter the course into the student's database record. Failure to hit the SAVE button will result in the course not being entered into the database.
  7. The user may then choose to enter more students for the same course with a different completion date, enter students for a different course, or return to the main menu.
  8. Users may also print a list of all students completing the course either within the same day, within the past 30 days or within the past year.

For assistance with the Online Course Completion Program, contact an Information Specialist at (404)656-3916 or via email at

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