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Real Estate Courses

The Georgia Real Estate Commission is responsible for approving all individual real estate courses to be offered by approved schools. An approved school may not hold out a course as approved until the course is posted on the Commission's electronic record of the school's courses or the school receives a certificate of approval from the Commission.

The Commission's standards for real estate courses require that all approved courses be educational in nature. For that reason, the Commission does not permit a school to orient approved courses to the passing of the state licensing examinations or other examinations. Approved courses should introduce students to the language of the profession and basic theory underlying the duties and responsibilities of real estate licensees. Approved courses should also seek to improve licensees' skills in handling normal business activities of a licensee. They must require practice in the skills being taught and provide a significant number of exercises for practice of those skills. All courses should make students aware of the need for further study and the perfection of practical skills.

The information provided in this section of the website offers an overview of the common requirements for all approved courses and the unique requirements for specific types of approved courses. We recommend reviewing sections 520-2-.04 of the Real Estate License Law as well as the Real Estate School & Instructors Manual for more detailed information.