All appraisers who hold an active appraiser classification are required to complete 14 hours of Board approved continuing education during each one year renewal period. In every two consecutive renewal periods, every appraiser must complete an AQB approved 7 hour USPAP course (the 15 hour USPAP Course does not count as a substitute).

A renewal period begins one year prior to the current renewal due date. Example: Your renewal due date is March 31, 2022. Board approved continuing education must be completed between April 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022. Continuing education completed before or after that date range is not acceptable for this renewal period.

You can use our Online Services to check your continuing education.

For more information on the approved subject areas for appraiser continuing education course, click here. You can also review our list of Approved Appraisal Schools if you need to find continuing education courses.

If you hold an active appraiser classification in another state, you must provide proof of meeting your education requirements in that state. You may provide that proof by either:

  • submitting to the Georgia Board a copy of your current pocket card from the other state. That pocket card must indicate a renewal date greater than the due date for your Georgia renewal. For example, if your Georgia renewal due date is May 31st of this year, then your pocket card in the other state must have an end of renewal due date of June 1 of this year or any later date; or
  • submitting to the Georgia Board certificates showing completion of 14 hours of continuing education that was approved by the other’s state appraiser board.

In order to expedite processing, it is recommended that information submitted to GREAB by sent via email to  Be sure to include your current GA Classification number. Documents may also be submitted by mail, or in person.