Obtaining a License

Appraiser Instructors

Appraiser Instructors

Only appraiser instructors approved, by name, by the Appraisers Board or instructors identified on the application for a course that is approved by the Board may teach courses approved by the Board to meet the educational requirement for

  • State Registered Real Property Appraiser
  • State Licensed Real Property Appraiser
  • State Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser
  • State Certified General Real Property Appraiser

Schools may utilize guest instructors with expertise in particular areas in any approved course provided a properly approved instructor is present at the time of the presentation or with prior written approval of the Board.

Board approval is not required for instructors in continuing education courses.

Application Requirements

To apply for instructor approval, the applicant must submit the  Application for Appraisal Course Instructor to the Board. A cashiers check or money order for $95 payable to the Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board must accompany the application. The application includes the folowing items:

  • Evidence of the applicant’s having successfully completed within one year prior to making an application for instructor approval: a Board approved instructor development workshop
  • Applicant’s resume or other biographical information;
  • Appraisal education courses completed;
  • Appraiser classification status and number;
  • Teaching experience with recommendations and evaluations from students, colleagues, supervisors, or employers or clients;
  • Formal Education;
  • Professional association experience and professional designations;
  • Number and types of appraisal assignments performed;
  • Copy of the Georgia Crime Information Report (GCIC) on the applicant

In reviewing applications for appraiser instructors, the Board gives the most weight to the applicant’s teaching experience, involvement in a wide variety of appraisal assignments, and satisfactory evaluation of the applicant’s performance in apprentice instruction in a Board approved course of study. The Board shall approve, disapprove or request further information on all applications for instructor approval within 60 days of the receipt of a completed application.

Maintaining & Renewing Approval

In order to maintain approval, an instructor must:

  • Have engaged in at least fourteen hours of instructional contact with students in any Board approved course during the preceding year, OR
  • Completed at least seven hours of an instructor development workshop approved by the Board or by an appraiser licensing agency in another state, OR
  • Attended at least fourteen hours of Board approved continuing education courses for appraiser instructors during the renewal period (includes courses, workshops, and Georgia’s annual school meeting).

All instructors must apply for renewal of approval by December 31st each year. The renewal process can be completed online through the Online Services menu.

If your instructor approval has lapsed, you can renew your approval by completing and submitting the  Appraiser Instructor Reinstatement Application.